About Emerald Competitions Limited

Emerald Competitions Ltd was formed by Gary Mullen and Niall Hackett. The company is registered with the Company Registration Office, Company Number NI659423.  We are also registered with the Inland Revenue and as a result pay the necessary VAT, Corporation Tax, and taxes on wages.

Providing a brand you can Trust

Our aim is to build a Brand that our loyal followers can trust, in order to build this trust we are taking the following steps;

1) Our partners, our mother, father, brothers and sisters won’t be allowed entry the competitions.

2) All parties that enter our competitions will select their competition numbers before the live draw.

3) All competitions will take place on Facebook live.

4) The winning number will be selected by a third party number generator – again this will be done live.

5) It is our full intention to meet our winners in person to present them with their prize and take photos to put up our website.

Another element of a Trust building exercise we had to do involved our Merchant account provides. One of the terms of  business they had was that they would hold all tickets sales for the first 3 competitions we held. They will only release the funds when we have proof that a legit live draw took place and the winner was selected correctly and presented with their prize.

Our Goal

Our goal for the site is to provide our customer with the opportunity to win an amazing prize by simply entering one of our low-cost entry competitions. All competition will have an official closing date and a limited number of entries.

To find out how to enter our competitions, please visit our homepage.